Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Reasonable Dowd

When she's nuts, she's nuts. But when she is right, she's dead on. Realize that it hurts me somewhat to write this but i think i agree with everything in this editorial. We've said for a while that the press secretary should have more theatre, after all, they talk to the press. Doesn't get much more theatrical.

But what scares me is the concise tear down by the left she summaries in the one line comparing Fox to MSNBC.

I rip on Dowd a lot because she often writes about such trivial things. White House party crashers or real housewives of DC. But i know she writes about this because I check her column all the time. And i check her column for insight like this.

Still feel kinda dirty though.


Oh and no baby yet. Cramping and nausea which is a good sign for some reason. But no baby.

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