Friday, August 13, 2010

Debbie Riddle has the face of the Joker

I think Anderson Cooper is about as entertaining as a dish rag.  But this clip with Representative Debbie Riddle of the Texas State House is priceless.  It kills me that Nancy Pelosi constantly gets crap about Botox but no one goes after this whack-job.  Her batshit crazy opinion about “terror babies” aside, what is most remarkable is how she speaks without moving her upper lip.  It’s surreal.

Right around 9:50 when she starts screaming “the emperor has no clothes,” Prince should be playing in the background.

She’s not crazy.  She simply wants all of the illegal immigrants to stop having babies in the US so that they might later legally enter the US with a “dirty bomb in a suitcase.”

Oh yeah, and her face on the one dollar bill.

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