Friday, September 2, 2011

xkcd: You should be a Fan

This morning’s xkcd is a classic.  But do you know who draws xkcd?

Family Decals

Randall Munroe is a 27 year old ex-NASA-roboticist who now earns his living off of xkcd merchandise (the blog is free and he’s not syndicated like most professional cartoon artists).  Since his layoff from NASA in 2006 more and more readers have signed on to his cartoon, which covers topics from physics (his degree), to romance, and unfortunately to cancer.  The latter thread stems from his fiancee’s recent fight with breast cancer.


According to wikipedia, Munroe “had originally used xkcd as an instant messaging screenname because he wanted a name without a meaning so he wouldn't eventually grow tired of it.”

225,000 people are on xkcd’s Facebook fan site.  You should be next.

 Mimic Octopus

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