Thursday, March 31, 2011

To City Councilors

I wrote this to the City Council this morning and to the Portland Press Herald and the League of Young Voters.  In the past, smaller markings have made me upset.  But quite literally, our downtown was destroyed this morning. 

The markings are for a new gas replacement project.  I can’t foresee the gas company replacing the entire street, the cobblestones, the sidewalk, and the granite.   So what we’ll be left with when this is done is a new strip of pavement down the middle of the street and spray-painted everything. 

Live shot from about 10 minutes ago.  I went for a field trip with Freeland to photograph the damage.


Here’s my letter:


And the links from the letter:

Flickr site

Similar article (by David Hench Portland Press Herald)


  1. I saw the article about you on the Press Herald site this morning, keep up the good fight and try not to read the PPH comments section (I can never read the comments there because every story inspires ridiculous comments). I had Wednesday off from work and was taking pictures on Exchange Street and noticed all the street graffiti going down, too. Sure looks like a mess.

  2. Keith, I saw the article, too, nice work! And I agree with Corey, the comments in all Maine papers are always ridiculous - they complain that you have the time to do this, but then they spend probably 20 minutes composing their comment.