Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paste’s Top 50 Songs for 2010 Resampled – Part 1 of 5

From http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/lists/2010/12/the-50-best-songs-of-2010.html along with a holiday narrative and yellow stars of accomplishment given out by me as I listen to Paste Magazine’s top 50 songs from 2010.  Starting with 50 …

50. Local Natives - “Sun Hands”

Smooth almost techno beat, possibly good with a chocolate espresso martini and a muted wine bar TV playing a random Asian gameshow.

49. The Tallest Man on Earth - “Burden of Tomorrow”

Bob Dylan hanging out with his grandmother on a sunny afternoon in a kitchen with a checkered tablecloth.

48. April Smith and the Great Picture Show - “Colors”

Fun, feet tapping, almost Irish beat most resembling K.T. Tunstall.

47. Beach House - “Norway”

This song was as long and melodic as explaining to Georgia how to play a 45 record on 33 speed.  If I were about to off myself with the back of a muffler pipe, this would be the song I would choose.

46. Free Energy - “Free Energy”

Young angst meets quirky guitar in standard California style.  Bleach your hair and grab a wave.  This being Portland, Maine and it being only 30 degrees out, I’ll skip this track.

45. Joanna Newsom - “Good Intentions”

“Like a bump on a log,” is the line I’ll takeaway from this song which almost goes somewhere several times but ultimately falls flat on its lilypad.  There’s some cool Southern undertones, trumpets that make me think New Orleans, but Joanna’s still a bit all over the place.

44. BLK JKS - “Zol!”

This song made me long for the summer and watching the World Cup and listening to vuvuzelas.  Which brought me to campfires and crickets and drinking and dancing.  Then I was warm inside.  

43. Sarah Jaffe - “Clementine”

Coming off of a fun South African high, I tapped my toes to this one by Texas born singer songwriter.  Ultimately, I wanted her to explode a bit more but the flirtatious percussion kept me interested.  

42. Deerhunter - “Helicopter”

A bit mystical and new agey for my tastes although if I were taking a hot steam bath in Norway and needed to follow it up in a Volvo driving across the mountains to Sweden, I would choose this track.

41. The Walkmen - “Stranded”

Is it me or does this start out as a Christmas carol? I’m reminded of the classic teen movie scene where they cutaway from the New Year’s revelry to the porch scene where deep shit is covered.

40. Sufjan Stevens - “I Walked”

Well, the bottom 40s have been a disappointment.  Although I felt the Poissonian urge to allot more than one star, there really isn’t much to this song to merit such an accolade.  The syrupy strings punctuated with Billy Idolesque beats was just too drippy for the hard edges of a yellow star.

More to come …

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