Friday, September 10, 2010

Libby Mitchell, meet Will Bailey

Who is Libby Mitchell’s campaign manager?  Whoever it is, this person needs to go away.  If you haven’t followed the Maine gubernatorial race, here are the two headlines from this week. 

First on Wednesday, a PPP poll shows that Waterville mayor and conservative Republican Paul LePage is destroying Mitchell 43-29 with Cutler, an independent whose base is growing quickly at Mitchell’s expense, at 11 percent.  The last trend is evident from Nate Silver’s section on the Maine race in the NYTimes (and below).


To counter, what does Libby do?  She backs out of several Maine speaking events complaining that not all 6 candidates are represented.  Are you serious?  So today’s Portland Press Herald has a nice article about LePage and Cutler discussing Maine’s tourism economy notably mocking Libby’s absense.  Awesome move dipshit CM.

Well anyways, what a depressing Friday for Maine politics.  I wish Will Bailey was here to make things right.

Although, this just in. 538 has House rankings for the midterms … finally. Ughhh, looking to be a gloomy November.

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