Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Art Time of Year on this Blog

Why do people hate this public art piece so? 

If you aren’t familiar with Portland, there’s a median that was redesigned in 2007 which is suppose to mimic the waves of the ocean with waves of undulating grass.  For my part, it’s an interesting piece in the middle of an otherwise ignorable area. Here are a couple of shots.

Portland, Maine (wikipedia link)20100803_ TraceFore

Every couple of weeks, there’s a new article or buzz around town on how the art sucks and they never should’ve built it. This week’s article made it to the Press Herald.  Of all of the things in Portland that need improvement, why focus on this?  I think the waves are nice.


  1. I very much disagree. Even with longer grass I think this installation is depressing. In the summer the metal shines too bright and the grass is brown and painful; in the winter you can't see anything and so is a waste of space. How nice would this spot be with a few benches and trees, so people could actually congregate.

  2. the do look like big blades. i always picture some kid accidentally falling down and decapitating himself. other than that i think they're kinda nice.

  3. And here we go:

    I'd be exhausted too.