Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Zumwalt and the Merrimack

Have an extra $6 billion and don’t know what to do with it? Today, the Pentagon awarded Bath Iron Works another Zumwalt-class destroyer.  The original plan was to build 32 of these guys, which are designed to have a low radar profile, operate with a small crew, and lob missiles at land targets.  So far, the 2010 budget calls for three – and the first one is being built at BIW already. 

The radar signature on this guy is like a fishing boat, which will be important with all of the enemy fishing fleets we need to sneak up on.  And the guns are really powerful, which is what I would expect for $6 billion.  Other than that, it’s main noteworthy feature is its tumblehome style hull originally introduced to steel ships by the French during the Russo-Japanese War.

So here it is kids … the new Zumwalt.

File:Uss Zumwalt.jpg

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